5 Kitchen Trends Reigning in 2018!

Today, the kitchen is the focal point of the home, the place that brings everyone together.

Technology and social dynamics have shifted the change from a hidden away kitchen to a more modern design kitchen. As with any modern design trend, clean and simple styles have become favorites for homeowners.

Here are the top 5 trends we believe you will see in the 2018 kitchen designs.

Smart Kitchens

Technology has entered the kitchen in full force and not just fancy gadgets. It can be integrated from the faucets to the fridge to the lighting.

Quartz Remains Supreme

The material is extremely hardy, can last virtually forever, is easily maintained and is anti-microbial. Granite, the main competitor in the high-end bracket, requires slightly more maintenance.

Cabinet Colors

White and grey seem to be the two big cabinet colors going into 2018 still. Their modern clean look will keep them as favorites for years. Dark jewel tones are also slowly making their way into the kitchen; black, navy, emerald green and even plum.  It will surprise you at how well dark kitchen cabinets can work in a kitchen space with its dramatic feel.


Hardwood flooring is still very popular when it comes to kitchen flooring. The second most popular option is ceramic flooring and it’s about to get more attention in 2018. Thanks to technology, it now comes in a wide variety of designs and styles and sizes.

 Kitchen Islands

The 2018 larger kitchen islands will become the “must have”. The larger kitchen island will include your storage solutions. It will be fitted with various under-counter appliances and provide seating for casual dining and/or drinking bar. We are also seeing them extend into living room spaces on the homes with open floor plan designs.

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