JEMM Construction's Realtor Policy

JEMM would love the opportunity to work for you and your clients. With our great reputation and commitment to customer service, you won’t be disappointed. We are a design-build company, and we also have a semi-custom portfolio that can be modified to fit buyers’ needs. If your buyer needs a remodeling professional, we have your back!

Following are the general terms and conditions regarding commission payment:

Registration must be completely filled out (see below) and you must accompany your client to the first meeting. JEMM will honor all registrations for 90 days. You will have the responsibility to re-register them. If the buyer lapses the 90 days or is registered with another agent outside of the 90 days, JEMM cannot be held liable for commissions to the original realtor. If the client is already registered with JEMM, we will notify the realtor to discuss further. In the event that multiple realtors claim to have rights to commission for the same buyer, any split will need to be negotiated between the realtors and the buyer.

Contracts are to be on JEMM Construction documents.

Non-Listed Homes:

JEMM pays a 2% buyers agent commission based on the build costs up to the first $1 Million, excluding land cost or land value. Value exceeding $1 Million, the buyers agent commission rate, will be discussed with JEMM prior to first meeting. For buyers taking a construction-to-permanent loan, the commission will be paid from the first draw. Any buyer purchasing a model/spec or any JEMM inventory, commissions will be paid once fully funded and the title is transferred. Commissions are not paid on change orders or upgrades. You must provide us with a commission letter and agree to enter the transaction in the MLS as a “Comp Only” listing.

Listed Homes:

Check the broker listing for the commission details as they may vary.

Remodeling Referral:

We accept remodeling referrals! Please feel free to register your client to provide assistance with contacting JEMM! Although we are not a handyman service, we can discuss questions and concerns they may have to help decide what the next steps are.

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