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When you know that you want an update to your home, but you just don’t know where to begin, it can be frustrating. When it’s time for a change in that outdated kitchen, or when you need to convert that extra living space into an office space for your business, you need a team with a vision like the pros at JEMM Construction. We are specialists in reconfiguring existing spaces into new, modern living areas.

We Make It Easy

We work with each of our clients to deal with any questions directly.

Our team is made up of highly trained professionals who know the ins and outs of the construction industry in Northeast Ohio better than almost anyone.  We have a network of trade partners that are specifically trained in particular areas of expertise to ensure that no matter what aspect of your project is being completed, you have the absolute best craftsman in the area completing the work.  It’s quality and attention to detail that you should expect, but only JEMM Construction can deliver.

The JEMM Construction difference

The true JEMM Construction difference is our commitment to quality while delivering professional service with a personal touch.  If you have a question, we answer it directly.  If you have concerns about maximizing your budget, we’ll help you find the best ways to optimize your plan to get you the most for your money.  Our ability to take your ideas and draft them into a plan that takes into consideration your needs, is one of our strong suits. With JEMM Construction, you aren’t just a customer; you are part of our team!

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