Three and Four Season Additions… Here’s the difference!

A sunroom can add square footage, aesthetic appeal and value to your home, while providing an enjoyable space to entertain. They are usually a lower construction costs that a fully finished room as well.

Porch Addition


A 3 season is built to be used in the warmer months of the year, which can vary from 5-8 months.



A 4 season sunroom will allow you keep the temperature comfortable and consistent all year round.



There are three primary differences in the construction of these rooms:

Glass– If you want to use your sunroom all year-round you will want to ask to see an insulated tempered glass and you will want to use double pane glass. Using a single pane tempered glass will not truly insulate your room for year-round usage but would be sufficient to use in a 3 season room.

Insulation– A typical 3 season room will have insulation but do not have the amount of quality as a 4 season. The additional insulation will be in walls, roof and floor. By using a structure or frame that is “thermally broken” in a 4 season, will also help insulate part of the inside from the outside.

HVAC Unit– Both a 3 and 4 season sunroom can each have an HVAC unit, they are often used differently.  For a 3 season, the unit can be used to take the chill off, but will not be as efficient during the winter months as there is not sufficient insulation to keep heat in. The HVAC can be used effectively in a 4 season room for either heating or cooling purposes because it will have the sufficient insulation to create that comfort year round.

Ask yourself, what is my primary reason for installing a sunroom? Is it for extra space or just want a place to relax and watch TV, or entertain. One other thing to keep in mind is if you’ll be using the room at night you may want to consider installing window coverings like blinds or drapes to provide privacy.

Regardless of the reason, our JEMM Team can customize a sunroom to fit your need or budget.