Backyard Decks and Patios!

Sunny days are finally here and means you’re thinking of those projects that can make your outdoor area inviting. Your outdoor living space can be a simple small deck or patio or can be a multi-level, multi-function space perfect for relaxing, dining, or gatherings with family and friends. Fire Pits, screened porches, lights ….. The options are endless in designing this space.

JEMM would like to highlight some of these for you.

Decks: These can be basic shapes, custom shapes, single or multi-level. You may want to include a roof or awning, with or without screening and built with cost effective materials that offer longer life and require little to no maintenance.

Patios: If you home is at ground level, patios are perfect for meshing your home with your landscaping.  From brick, pavers and poured surfaces, the choices for building material offered is a wide array.

  Lighting: Exterior illumination can be done in a creative way by adding lighting in stairs, overheadlighting to having that warm and inviting fireplace or pit. Creating a lighting design will add that extra drama or mood setting atmosphere to your outdoor space.

Shade: Catching rays can be relaxing but some find comfort in a shade spot. You can create shade with a simple freestanding umbrella or you may prefer a more permanent space like a roof or pergola.

Having a universal design that creates a space you can maximum accessibility. You will get years of enjoyment from your outdoor living space and taking the time to plan and design it right will add to the longevity of this retreat.  Contact our JEMM Team Today!!