Stand Out with Your Exterior Selections

                                         Choosing the right colors for your house exterior can create some pressure for homeowners.

Several factors come into play that you don’t have to deal with on the inside of a house such as roofing, hardscaping, landscaping and many more. Instead, you have to consider surfaces such as driveways, pathways, stonework, roof shingles or tiles that will remain in place unless you’re doing a complete renovation or building a complete new home.

Fundamentally, home exterior color scheme has 3 major parts such as: field color, which dominates; trim color, used for railings, roof edging, door casings, window and other trim work; accent color, which brings shutters, doors and other smaller areas to life.

Ideally, the field color should contrast strongly with the trim color. Consider pale shades or white trim if your main hue is dark. To produces a crisp, dramatic effect, with darker trim (like eyeliner for your home) a light field color can make the exterior pop. Also, don’t hesitate to incorporate daring accent color.  A door painted turquoise blue or bright red lends just the right hit of punch.  Even, you can extend that same shade to the gables and shutters.

If you stuck for inspiration, a color consultant, an architect or designer can help you come up with a color combination that’s cohesive, trending and “yours.”


At JEMM Construction, we have an in house design team that is able to assist you through the whole exterior selection process, taking the pressures away from the homeowner.