Size Does Matters!

There are so many variables that go into building a new custom home.  Of course, the first important questions are, “Where to build? and Budget”  The next questions you ask yourself is SIZE.  “How much square footage is needed to be a perfect fit for you, your family, lifestyle and budget and how will it be utilized?”
The answer might surprise you. Even though the average family size is dwindling, we’re designing and building our homes to include great rooms, four-car garages, walk out’s, walk-in closets, double master bedrooms, and guest suites.

If you’re in the market of building a new custom home, here are a few considerations that might help you determine how much space will provide the right balance.

  • Lifestyle. Do you work from home and need office space?
  • Family. Do you have children?  Are there elderly relatives who live with you or might need to in the future?
  • Entertainment. Do you entertain often and throw large holiday parties, or do you tend to go out?
  • Hobbies. Some hobbies require a bit of room, even if it’s just a sewing cabinet or a dedicated space for a piano.
  • Future goals. Do you plan to live in the house for a long time? What are your savings goals?

Our JEMM Team will work with you closely to help you decide what amount of space works for you, your family, lifestyle and budget.

Contact our JEMM Team today and together we can build your Dream Home!


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