Should You Stay or Should You Go?

You might own a house that “needs a little love,” or it may be a financial benefit to bring in the wrecking ball and excavator! Choosing whether to remodel your rebuild your house is like none other. With remodeling, lay the wrong flooring or choose the wrong paint color and that can be easily fixed. Tear down your entire house and you’re in it to see it through.

Determine the Condition

While all houses can be remodeled, not all houses should be. Here are some conditions to consider when determining.

  • Does your desired improvement work within the existing house footprint? Or are you now considering an addition?
  • Is the foundation bad? Will it require way to much work and eat up most of your allotted expense?
  • Is the ceiling height where you desire? Raising them isn’t a simple project. The floor above must be removed and rebuilt causing a pretty hefty expense.

Control How Much You Spend

The all or nothing option is to choose tear down and rebuild. When you start you can’t turn back the clock. The cost of tearing down and rebuilding usually will be higher than taking on an extensive whole-house remodel. But the architectural benefits of tearing down and working with a clean slate is huge. Just to name some; better quality design with the flexibility to create your perfect house footprint. All new systems, new and efficient HVAC and windows.

If you’re finances are on a tighter budget, remodeling may be the way to go. Remodeling provides your ability to scale and control your spending up or down according to your needs. You can start with that master bathroom project and updating your kitchen then plan for the sunroom addition and deck the following year.

Choosing an option can be stressful for any homeowner. At JEMM Construction  our in house design team is here to assist with answering the question, “Should it stay or should it go?”