New Home Building Selection Process 101!

Building a new home is an exciting! Selections are usually the most personal aspects of building a new home. From picking paint colors, cabinets, counter-tops, floor coverings, fixtures and finishes, the process can be overwhelming. We wanted to share some before, during and closing tips that can help you come prepared to your selection appointment so you can make the best selection choices for your home.

Before Selection Appointment:

  • Ask the builder if you can take a tour of some of their finished or in process houses to see the types of materials used for cabinets, flooring, tile, etc. This will give you a better idea of what to expect at the selections appointment.
  • If you have a chance look at any selections in stores or online.
  • Ask for siding samples from builder or inquire on what siding company they use so you can look at choices before your meeting. It’s also a great idea to drive through neighborhoods to see the exteriors of other houses that the builder has built.
  • Find out what paint options you will have with the builder before the appointment so you can pull color swatches to help you decide beforehand.

During the Selection Appointment:

  • Carpet padding is more important than the actual carpet. Upgrading your carpet padding is an inexpensive way to have your carpet last longer and feel great.
  • Upgrading a kitchen back splash with tile is often an inexpensive way to give your kitchen a stand out look.
  • Don’t forget the little things like cabinet hardware. Going through the builder is normally less expensive than buying the hardware at a retail shop and paying someone to install it. Another good reason to have the builder install the hardware is liability. If you install your own cabinet hardware, or hire a handyman, and the cabinets get damaged, it is up to you to have them repaired.
  • If you decide to upgrade your light fixtures and plumbing fixtures, you will want to upgrade your cabinet hardware to match any other finish upgrades.
  • Keep in mind it’s less expensive to upgrade during the building process than to remodel later.

Closing of Selection Appointment:

  • Make sure you feel 100% satisfied with your home selections before you leave your selections appointment. Many items for your house such as windows and doors are ordered before construction even begins to keep your build on schedule. Anytime you make changes while your home is being built, could cause delays and additional costs.

At JEMM, we offer our selection center as a starting point to help guide you through this process making this an enjoyable experience.