Multi-Gen Living on the Rise!

After scattered family living being a norm for many generations, we are now seeing a remarkable rise and need for multigenerational living. Reports show the number of Americans living in a multigenerational household with three or more generations has more than doubled.





Benefits of Multigenerational Households

The majority of Americans living in a multigenerational home typically fall into three categories:

1. Family relationships

2. Home design

3. Support

Types of Multigenerational Households

Multigenerational Households come in all shapes and sizes. A few common types include:

Two adult generations: Most two-generation households consist of parent(s) and child(ren) under the ages of 22. This may include parents moving in with adult children.

Three-generation: The most common multigenerational household arrangement consists of three generations – typically one or more working-age adults, one or more of their children (who may also be adults), and either aging parent(s) or grandchildren.

Four-generation: Once a rarity- it can have parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, adult children, their children – is now becoming more common.

It’s important we consider the rise in popularity and prepare for a multigenerational family future, examining policies and approaches to home building and design.

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