Is Adding an Addition your Answer?

Additions are your friend, check out “why?”

Often a homeowner outgrows their home sweet home and before you know it, there’s a real-estate sign sitting in the front yard!!!

We often see two main reasons “why”….

Growing families: Expecting, growing kids who need space, or In-laws who will be moving in.

Growing Needs:  Garages for storage, larger kitchens for entertaining, to adding another level.

But what if you “love where you live”? An addition that you NEED (or want) will not only add value but let you stay exactly where you want to be, your family roots are here. Plus, you live in a great location and have built friendships!!! You may have already paid off your mortgage or have invested a great deal towards it. All in all you love your home; you just need a little more square footage.  Adding or remodelling the space you need may be your answer!

At JEMM Construction, we are a building and remodeling firm that has an in-house design team that you can trust to take your vision and make it a reality!