Is Winter Less Expensive?

“Is winter less expensive time to build or remodel in?”

Some believe that building a new home or starting a remodeling project in the winter may cost less or think it is the opposite in which the costs could be higher.

While it is true that there are additional expenses to account for to get a project completed in the winter, compared to the overall cost of the project they are relatively insignificant. These additional costs may however, be the least of two evils when one takes into account that the price for materials and labor usually increase in early spring. These price increases can easily exceed any additional expenses related to cold weather construction.

Here are examples of additional costs that may occur:

  • Digging a foundation in the frigid months there is the likelihood that you are ripping frost out of the ground and you may need to import topsoil or clay if the materials become unusable, which could incur additional costs.
  • If your project involves poured concrete, a calcium chloride additive needs to be added to accelerate the curing process in cold weather conditions.
  • Delivering material from multiple vendors from out of the state may increase the charge for delivery.

Pros to winter build:

  • Some buyers prefer a winter construction schedule because their homes are finished earlier in the year.
  • Families can get settled and they do not have to worry about their yard being torn up all summer.

Pros to winter remodeling:

  • It is much easier to deal with snow in some cases, for instance, in the event the roof needs to be torn off to tie-in the new then water. The crew can simply blow or shovel off the snow whereas if it rains then there may be damage to the interior of your existing home which was not intended.
  • Clients may also prefer to do winter remodeling because they have had more time to save funds, plan and have a bit more down time to be able to make choices and be more involved.

An important reminder about winter project is that it does require some early planning and you have to recognize that winter weather could create some stalls during construction.