Emotions When Building or Remodeling

Selecting a new home or remodeling project is filled with expectations and emotions prior to, during and after the building process. 

An experienced builder will understand how to help their clients through the inevitable ups and downs. If the homeowners know what to expect, the emotional ride becomes easier and more enjoyable.

  •  It’s normal to look beyond the blueprint when designing
  •  It’s human nature to want something special and different

The process can be overwhelming… from picking room sizes, window locations, outdoor decks and patios, and selecting paint colors, cabinets, countertops, floor coverings fixtures and finishes.

As construction begins, homeowners are typically very excited—and why shouldn’t they be? Pre-construction ups and downs involving plans, specs, and product choices are behind them. Their dream home is about to take shape!

We understand how challenging this phase of the project is for homeowners. This is the time when, as professional builders, we step up communication about the progress that is being made behind the scenes. We find that educated homeowners can better manage their emotions through the whole process, but especially as we get ready to move into the home stretch.

How best to navigate this emotional journey? How does one enjoy the highs and take the dips in stride?

  • Awareness about the process goes a long way.
  • Study the schedule and know what is going to happen and when.
  • Think of the project as a story, and the schedule as the plot outline.
  • A good builder will work with the homeowners to fill that outline with details that will help make the project a great experience and ensure a happy ending.

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