Building Your Dream Home!

For many house hunters, purchasing an existing home is an option.

But what if you have something really specific in mind? Or, what if you’re just not finding anything in the local market that fits your needs? Well, it just may end up being the case that you’ll need to build your own home.

Of course, building your own home is a “Process.” So, before entering the journey of building custom home, JEMM Construction has made a quick tip list to help guide you.

Create a Home Building List

To start with, you’ll want to make a list of your goals.

  • Where do you want your home to be built?
  • Which design features are must-haves, and which are optional, should your budget allow for them?

By separating needs from wants and prioritizing the most important aspects of your new home, you’ll gain clarity, and you’ll be better able to explain your needs to JEMM Construction!

Finding a LotTo build a home, you’ll first need a place to build on. Check out local real estate listings for desirable lots that suit your needs. Another option is choosing a builder that also has lot inventory or on-staff sales team that can assist you in your lot search. JEMM Construction, has you covered!

Find a Builder and Architect These are two of your most important decisions, so you’ll want to make sure they’re reputable and professional. JEMM Construction is a Design Build Firm and have on-staff draftsman and design team. We are able to assist our clients from conception to completion. This saves our clients time on finding an Architect. We are your one stop!

 Know Your Budget- You know what you can afford to spend or borrow. Reach out to your preferred lender and find out you can be approved for.

Once you have agreed on a plan, your builder will now begin obtaining estimates from the tradesmen to provide your contract amount. Once provided it’s time to make sure the house you want can be built with the capital you have access to.

Don’t forget to include a contingency of at least 10%. The contingency covers the unexpected costs that often arise when building a home. If you don’t use it, then great!

Act Decisively- Once the construction process is underway, you might be tempted to change your mind on a few key details. Resist the urge as best you can, unless you simply can’t live without making a few alterations. Making changes mid-project can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful.

Enjoy Your New Home!

8-10 odd months later, your new home should be move-in ready. Kick back and enjoy creating memories in your new JEMM home!